Monday, July 25, 2011 vs. Blogger II

Here we are at the second episode of vs. Blogger.
As you know my first motivation is simplicity. The second one is... look at the following videos:

Did you see? Blogger performs some actions faster than

The creation of a new post is slower on (~6 secs) than Blogger (~3 secs) .
Blogger's autosave is within one minute, autosave is within two minutes and moreover, if you want to manually save your draft, look at the video! The action is not really immediate.
Finally also on preview Blogger is faster than

Conclusion: you can easily imagine, when you write a post, you start dropping a few lines, than see how they look like, than rewrite and see again and so on. That's why feedback while editing a text is important.

Now I've a question for you, when you write a program are you editing a text? Indeed, it is something more than editing a text, we need feedback and more. So next post we'll see how a few languages, like Smalltalk, can provide you a fast feedback.

See you.