Friday, September 23, 2011

Is Your Programming Language A Burden?

Hi folks,
 How are you? I'm fine, coaching a bit, programming a bit, observing, planning.

As you are reading this blog, I guess your workdays look like mine: wondering who was able to write that messy code (it's you, last month, you know) but you are not an ordinary developer you study, you delve... and day after day, while you are improving, you have a feeling your programming language is slowing you down.

It's something I often see: at some point you feel the language doesn't follow your thoughts, suddenly the syntax becomes cumbersome, types are a cage, primitives reduce your ability to create concepts.

In "How To Choose A Programming Language" I talked about feedback and level of magic and I'd like to hear your voice: did you measure the feedback of your favorite programming languages? You can do it now ;-)
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